PDCN Plans in Practice Workshop in Gosford – Sept 2017

Emma’s Story

A testimony to the importance of information and advocacy services, as experienced by Emma in Gosford.  

“I just wanted to let you know the impact of having undertaken your two day workshop at Gosford has made on my life.

Two years ago when I began our journey through the NDIS I attended numerous information sessions and attempted to research anything and everything I could find in preparation for this big change.

Wherever I went I found confusion, anger and fear. No one had any answers to our questions.

Then we were suddenly NDIS participants. I say we, my quadriplegic husband is the actual participant, because my life has become consumed with navigating this unending chaos that is the NDIS.

I have negotiated and renegotiated, been reviewed, rejected and reviewed and accepted by various people at NDIS, whom could not give straight answers, or even the same answer to my enquiries.

Attending the workshop presented by PDCN was a revelation. Not just that the presenters were informed and knowledgeable, they were living examples of how a good life could be made under the NDIS.

They were concise and certain, all the things nobody else has been. The sense of empowerment and decisiveness I came away with has stayed with me.

Fortuitously, through the openness and compassion of Carolyn (PDCN Staff member) she and I have stayed in contact. She asked if we needed access to an Occupational Therapist locally. Unknown to her I had been searching for one amongst a sea of meaningless names.

Carolyn passed on some details to me, I contacted the OT mentioning Carolyn. Within days my husband received the most comprehensive and knowledgeable assessment he’s ever had, by someone whom also was exceedingly conversant in the NDIS.

On a side note, I thought often about another participant in the Gosford workshop. I contacted Sarah (PDCN Staff member) and she put us in touch, turns out she’d thought of me too. We plan to meet for coffee and support soon.

I was so very disappointed to hear about your funding cuts.”

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