Social Media Day of Action

Get online and #StandByMe on Social Media 


#StandByMe and use social media to send The NSW Premier a message that you support continued funding for independent Disability Advocacy, Information and Peak representation organisations.

On this day advocates, people with disability and our supporters all around the state will flock to Facebook, Twitter to raise awareness of the imminent loss of disability advocacy and the huge gaps it will leave for people with a disability.

We need your help to get the attention of those who have the power to stop it and the wider community.

How to get involved:

It’s easy – and fun – to participate. Here are a few ways you can be part of the action.

1. Change your photo

2. Post Facebook or Twitter

  • Use the hashtag #StandByMe (On Twitter, also use the hashtags #nswpol and tag @GladysB & @StandByMeNSW.

Here are a few examples you could use. Feel free to use and adapt them. The most important thing is to add why advocacy is important to you.



  • #StandByMe and ensure people with disability have a voice. Don’t Ditch Disability Advocacy! #nswpol @StandByMeNSW @GladysB – Sign the petition:



  • Let me belong. Fund Disability Advocacy in NSW and give people with disability a voice and seat at the table. #StandByMe and sign the petition:


  • Disability Advocacy Saves Lives. Don’t let the NSW Government close down disability advocacy in NSW. #StandByMe and sign the petition


  • Premier #StandByMe and restore NSW’s disability advocacy funding. Sign the petition to the Premier


3. Share an image, video, or news story.


  • Share / Re-Tweet the pictures we will be posting on Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s a collection of tiles you can use.

4. Invite your friends, family and colleagues to join in.

Ask them to “like” and “follow”:

Key messaging:

All the Social Media Day of Action content should focus on key messages like these:

  • Disability Advocacy makes the lives of people with disability better. Don’t let the NSW Government close down disability advocacy in NSW. #StandByMe and sign the petition


  • We now know the Federal Government and the NDIS will not fund NSW Disability Advocacy.


  • Premier – It’s up to you now. Will you Stand By people with disability in NSW or will you ditch us? Don’t Ditch Disability Advocacy #StandByMe @GladysB @StandByMeNSW Sign the petition:


  • What are you waiting for Premier? We need you to #StandByMe and commit to funding NSW’s disability advocacy.#WillYouStandByMePremier? @GladysB @StandByMeNSW Sign the petition:


  • #StandByMe because we can’t belong if we can’t be heard. Don’t ditch Disability Advocacy. #StandByMe #nswpol @GladysB @StandByMeNSW Sign the petition:


  • NSW Government has always funded NSW’s disability advocacy, just like the Victorian Government has always funded Victoria’s disability advocacy. The Federal Government will not fund any state’s disability advocacy. The NDIS will not fund disability advocacy. This is why the Victorian Government has committed to funding Victoria’s disability advocacy. So what exactly is the NSW Government waiting for? Come on Premier #StandByMe and fund NSW’s disability advocacy.


  • Premier it is your decision alone – close down vital disability advocacy organisations in NSW or support people with disability and their families and communities and commit to the ongoing funding of disability advocacy in NSW. #WillYouStandByMePremier? #StandByMe #nswpol @GladysB @StandByMeNSW


  • I want the Premier to #StandByMe. Disability advocacy services need the resources to be able to keep serving people with a disability in NSW, so that all of us can participate fully in our communities. When that happens, everyone benefits. Sign the petition


  • Belonging is a universal need; people with disabilities are no different. Without a seat at the table or champions to fight for you or experts on your side, it’s a whole lot harder for people with disabilities to belong; and for our communities to enjoy the full benefits of everyone’s voice, agency and participation. We can’t afford to lose Disability Advocacy – #StandByMe


  • Without advocacy, people will fall through the cracks. The NDIS is NOT going to cover broad range of advocacy issues faced by people with disability. #StandByMe and sign the petition


  • People with disability deserve a fair go – don’t ditch disability advocacy. #StandByMe #nswpol @StandByMeNSW @GladysB


  • You don’t have a voice without access to accurate, useable information and support, or a seat at the table for decisions that affect you. You don’t have a voice when you don’t have a meaningful say in the decisions that affect you. Don’t take away the voice of people with disability – don’t ditch disability advocacy. #StandByMe #StandByMe #nswpol @GladysB @StandByMeNSW