Long Term Funding for Disability Advocacy Funding has been Secured

People with disability have had their voices heard! Continued funding for independent disability advocacy was announced in the 2020 NSW Budget. Thank you to everyone who supported the #StandByMe campaign, your hard work and commitment made all the difference. This win would not have happened without you!

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What is disability advocacy all about?

It’s about ensuring that people with disability have a voice; that we have input into and control over decisions that affect our lives.

We all want to belong, to be included and to have the same opportunities to fulfil our own unique potential. People with disabilities are no different. It’s just a whole lot harder. How do you find work when you can’t get your wheelchair onto public transport, much less into half the buildings? Who do you turn to for help when your child isn’t being given the support they need in school? What if you or someone you love is being treated poorly by the facility you’re supposed to trust? Where do you turn?

This is what independent disability advocacy is all about: people in your corner who are experts and can help you navigate the system. People who will shine a light and help make the system better. People who know your rights, understand your challenges and will work with you to sort it out so you can have real control over your own life – whatever’s going on.

Different organisations focus on different areas. Some organisations specifically support families, others support people with intellectual disabilities, or particular physical challenges. Some focus on making the system better as a whole, while others primarily help individuals. But whether we’re making things better one person at a time or by winning changes that will help thousands, our work is essential.

Why is independent advocacy so important to people with disability?

In accessing supported accommodation and then with issues arising with both service and housing providers, I required an advocate to be present who could advocate for me. I would not be in the good situation I am in now, without my advocate having been present with me at all times.
- Robert

Without (advocacy), I would not have been allowed to complete my studies or gain the employment I desired.
- Anonymous

Advocates have helped me when I've been at my lowest with no energy, stressed and exhausted. I can't imagine this service not being available.
- Anonymous

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Stand by me, and together we’ll make NSW a state where we can all belong and have a real say in the decisions that affect us.

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