Man's hand holding a car keyTom’s Story

Tom was advised to sell his car by the NSW Trustee and Guardian (TAG), because it was an expensive gas guzzler. After this was done a replacement was needed that was more cost effective to run.

Tom felt quite disempowered without a car as many of us would. For Tom a car is essential to maintaining his independence and sustaining a sense of control over his life and the freedom a car brings, not to mention a huge convenience.

Tom needed Disability Advocacy NSW’s help to communicate this to TAG because he is easily confused and was quite frustrated with them. Tom can also be difficult to understand especially over the phone. He needs assistance with clear communication and making himself understood in relation to the organisations and services that care for and assist him.

Maree from Disability Advocacy NSW spoke with TAG and assisted in communicating status updates of his situation, she also liaised with Ability Links in the research of a new vehicle.

Maree was able assist Tom in purchasing a new more reliable and less expensive car to get around in and maintain his feeling of empowerment and independence.

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