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NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
NSWDAA convenor advising State and Federal Labor Members on the vital need for a fully funded #independent #advocacy, #information and #representational sector in order to ensure all people with #disability are #included #valued Australian citizens & can get assistance should they need help with issues or to have a voice. @liesltesch @pennysharpemlc @billshortenmp @pwdaustralia
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
Tom's experience with Disability Advocacy NSW enabled him to regain his independence and assist him in communicating with a range of services. Read his story below:

Tom was advised to sell his car by the NSW Trustee and Guardian (TAG), because it was an expensive gas guzzler. After this was done a replacement was needed that was more cost effective to run.
Tom felt quite disempowered without a car as many of us would. For Tom a car is essential to maintaining his independence and sustaining a sense of control over his life and the freedom a car brings, not to mention a huge convenience.
Tom needed Disability Advocacy NSW’s help to communicate this to TAG because he is easily confused and was quite frustrated with them. Tom can also be difficult to understand especially over the phone. He needs assistance with clear communication and making himself understood in relation to the organisations and services that care for and assist him.
Maree from Disability Advocacy NSW spoke with TAG and assisted in communicating status updates of his situation, she also liaised with Ability Links in the research of a new vehicle.
Maree was able assist Tom in purchasing a new more reliable and less expensive car to get around in and maintain his feeling of empowerment and independence.

NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
Thank you to Glenn and the staff at Disability Advocacy NSW for sharing this story and reiterating the importance of free and independent advocates in NSW.

Glenn had submitted an Internal review with NDIA because he knew immediately after his new NDIS plan arrived that his funds would not last the year. This situation caused massive stress for Glenn and his family. He was concerned that he would have to sack his staff who help with his personal care as he would not be able to ensure that they could be paid. Naturally this caused additional stress and strains on his family relationships.

He engaged Disability Advocacy NSW approximately three months before his funds would completely run out. Glenn and his advocate Eveleen wrote many emails, complaints and support letters, and made numerous phone calls to the NDIA to get his review expedited. Glenn and Eveleen took the matter to his local Federal MP to try to get some traction. A final email to the NDIA brought the matter to the attention of the local regional NDIA office to be handled immediately, as by that stage Glenn had two weeks before his funds would be exhausted.

NDIA made contact for a review meeting to develop a new Plan. The plan arrived with one week to go, and the issues were resolved. Glenn was able to keep his staff and the supports they provided.

NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
HAVE YOUR SAY! The NSW Ageing and Disability Commission have released the Issues paper, which will assist the review into disability and advocacy services in NSW. The review will also look at how advocacy funding and services are delivered, and make recommendations for the future. We encourage everyone to view the paper and give feedback to aid in the review.

We only have until the 18th October to have our say! Follow the link below to view the paper and give your feedback to ensure that they are asking the right questions.

NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance shared a link.
A review is accepting submissions regarding the continuation of funding after 2020.
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
Members of the Disability Advocacy Alliance met with Commissioner Mr Robert Fitzgerald today to share their input in regards to the Disability Advocacy review. The vital importance of independent, free and ongoing Disability Advocacy and information was a prominent theme that was discussed with the Comissioner today.

Thank you to all of the dedicated and passionate advocates who attended this meeting to share your expertise and experiences with the Commissioner.

For more information regarding the report visit the Ageing and Disability Commission website; https://www.ageingdisabilitycommission.nsw.gov.au/

#disability #advocacy #commission #StandByMe

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Much, much better @ainehillbilly A rich country like ours needs to commit to funding inclusion for ppl w #disability and the #advocacy organizations that support them, and governments to make the necessary changes @EveryAustralian @pdcnswEO @DavidmNDS @ncoss @IDEASAU @CEOPWDA https://t.co/2bkvu6oR5n
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Aine Hillbilly @ainehillbilly
Yes I do mind the gap ....

- 27 year life expectancy gap between ppl w disability and those without ...

- income gap between rich Aussies & those struggling to get food on the table

- amount of ppl w disability that can work, but can’t get employed...

We can do better https://t.co/snmf7j5emQ

Can you help? Share your experience of the NDIS planning process and ensure changes are made for the better going forward @SCIAust @au_BCA @FamAdvocacyNSW @IDEASAU @WestSydAdvocacy @MD_NSW @MDAA_NSW https://t.co/8rcd0dLppD

Great to sit around the table with Commissioner Fitzgerald today & input into the #disability #advocacy review. Vitally important ppl with disability continue to have access to independent, timely support on issues that affect their lives ⁦ @GladysB⁩ ⁦ @PennySharpemlchttps://t.co/OFN4viS7DP StandByMeNSW photo

New Ageing & Disability Commissioner's first duty is to report on NSW #disability #advocacy & #peak services funding, but will he have the time and resources to do this adequately? @gladysb https://t.co/zqfNcLuCW2

Advocates are important. Why? They support people with disability to get a fair hearing in cases like this #StandByMe https://t.co/G89kH1fZoq

Welcome to new Disability & Ageing Commissioner Robert Fitzgerald. ⁦ @StandByMeNSW⁩ looks forward to working with him to address the huge need for #disability #advocacy in the commission & greater NSW community ⁦ @GladysB⁩ ⁦ @SophieCotsishttps://t.co/Jg31tud6zo