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NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance shared a link.
A review is accepting submissions regarding the continuation of funding after 2020.
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
Members of the Disability Advocacy Alliance met with Commissioner Mr Robert Fitzgerald today to share their input in regards to the Disability Advocacy review. The vital importance of independent, free and ongoing Disability Advocacy and information was a prominent theme that was discussed with the Comissioner today.

Thank you to all of the dedicated and passionate advocates who attended this meeting to share your expertise and experiences with the Commissioner.

For more information regarding the report visit the Ageing and Disability Commission website; https://www.ageingdisabilitycommission.nsw.gov.au/

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NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
Michelle was living in public housing and there were a huge number of issues with the property. She had repeatedly asked for these problems to be rectified for an astonishing eight years, with no result until she contacted the team at Spinal Cord Injuries Australia, who appointed an individual advocate and was able to get these issues addressed.

“In the past few years I have been represented by MM, an individual advocate from Spinal Cord Injuries Australia. My whole quality of life has changed because of the phenomenal job that he has done representing me.
I could not have asked for a better outcome. I am so fortunate, and it is difficult for me to even express how thankful I am to have had SCIA provide an advocate to represent me.” #StandByMe #AdvocacyMatters

Have a look at Michelle's full story here:
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance shared a post.
Many thanks to Abigail Boyd for putting forward her motion in Parliament last night calling on the NSW Government to recognise and fund vital independent advocacy, information and peak representative organisations for the long term.

The NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance look forward to working with the NSW Ageing and Disability Commissioner as he undertakes a review of the current funding arrangements and how moving forward government can provide a robust and vibrant sector that people with disability in NSW can depend upon.

As a review of this nature will take significant time and resourcing, and outcomes unlikely to be reviewed or acted upon until well into the new year, the Alliance would call for rollover of current funding arrangements post June 2020 to allow organisations time to manage any changes that the report may call for.
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
Abigail Boyd
🥳 FINALLY! 🥳 Last night the NSW upper house passed my motion calling on the government to commit to secure long term funding for independent disability advocacy organisations. 🙋‍♀️🙌 It’s now time for the government to step up and deliver the desperately needed funds so that these incredible organisations can get back to doing what they do best - supporting and advocating for people with disability across the state. 💪👏
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
Asha's battle to receive fair treatment from her private rental property managers is one many of us can relate to - but what if you were also receiving 24 hour care as the result of a stroke, and had to deal with the situation alone? This is the story of how Spinal Cord Injuries Australia stepped up to advocate for Asha, assisting her to navigate the legal system and find better housing without being unfairly penalised.
Thousands of stories like Asha's are happening at any one time in NSW, and continued funding for disability advocacy is vital to ensure that people's dignity and human rights are protected.
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
Members of the NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance look forward to contributing to the NSW Ageing and Disability Commissioner's review of disability advocacy services and funding, which is due to be completed by the end of this year. However we are concerned that there is not enough funding or resources to complete a thorough report on such a short deadline.
We call on the NSW Government to continue funding advocacy groups for two years or more so that the review can be thorough, and disability advocacy organisations can continue to support people with disabilities during the review period.

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Much, much better @ainehillbilly A rich country like ours needs to commit to funding inclusion for ppl w #disability and the #advocacy organizations that support them, and governments to make the necessary changes @EveryAustralian @pdcnswEO @DavidmNDS @ncoss @IDEASAU @CEOPWDA https://t.co/2bkvu6oR5n
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Aine Hillbilly @ainehillbilly
Yes I do mind the gap ....

- 27 year life expectancy gap between ppl w disability and those without ...

- income gap between rich Aussies & those struggling to get food on the table

- amount of ppl w disability that can work, but can’t get employed...

We can do better https://t.co/snmf7j5emQ

Can you help? Share your experience of the NDIS planning process and ensure changes are made for the better going forward @SCIAust @au_BCA @FamAdvocacyNSW @IDEASAU @WestSydAdvocacy @MD_NSW @MDAA_NSW https://t.co/8rcd0dLppD

Great to sit around the table with Commissioner Fitzgerald today & input into the #disability #advocacy review. Vitally important ppl with disability continue to have access to independent, timely support on issues that affect their lives ⁦ @GladysB⁩ ⁦ @PennySharpemlchttps://t.co/OFN4viS7DP StandByMeNSW photo

New Ageing & Disability Commissioner's first duty is to report on NSW #disability #advocacy & #peak services funding, but will he have the time and resources to do this adequately? @gladysb https://t.co/zqfNcLuCW2

Advocates are important. Why? They support people with disability to get a fair hearing in cases like this #StandByMe https://t.co/G89kH1fZoq

Welcome to new Disability & Ageing Commissioner Robert Fitzgerald. ⁦ @StandByMeNSW⁩ looks forward to working with him to address the huge need for #disability #advocacy in the commission & greater NSW community ⁦ @GladysB⁩ ⁦ @SophieCotsishttps://t.co/Jg31tud6zo