Under something called the ‘Information Linkages and Capacity building’ (ILC) arm of the NDIS, there will be some information services and focus on capacity building. However, the government is very explicit that the NDIS will not fund individual advocacy or systemic advocacy:

“Some activities that advocacy organisations currently do, including providing information, or education and capacity building, or support for decision making, fit into the Activity Areas described in the ILC Policy. Advocacy organisations will be welcome to apply for ILC funding to deliver activities that fit into these areas – just like any other organisation. Because of our focus on user-led organisations, we will particularly prioritise applications from self-advocacy or peer advocacy organisations. We will not fund individual or systemic advocacy in ILC.” (ILC commissioning Framework, p. 21).

The ILC has no sustained funding model for independent national information services; only one-year term competitive grants for non-advocacy based organisations.