Josh’s Story

I am Josh my story starts 11 years ago.

I was living in Tamworth and got into some legal trouble, I met up with DA NSW and the advocate started to assist with my needs.

They were helping at court with my legal stuff. I had a solicitor who was busy and the advocate was very good at explaining court documents and stuff I was not sure about; after talking with the solicitor. Advocates always have an answer and explanation. If I was confused they were there to assist every time without fail.

Over the years I moved between regions of Tamworth and Newcastle and both offices of DA NSW have been able to help when I was not sure of what to do.

I got into trouble last year and I got some help from Criminal Justice Support Network (CJSN). They organised a volunteer and; that person was very helpful at a time I was confused and she could explain things to me very thoroughly. With her help and the solicitor at the time I got out of trouble.

I think advocacy is a helpful service for people with any kind of disability, it would be a great loss if offices got closed because people would not know where to go.

Josh from Tamworth.

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